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Igor, you and I shall be at the heart of a scientific enterprise that will change the world. We shall create life out of death!


Told from Igor's perspective, we see the troubled young assistant's dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the Viktor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man - and the legend - we know today.

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James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe star in a dynamic and thrilling twist on a legendary tale. Radical scientist Victor Frankenstein (McAvoy) and his equally brilliant protégé Igor Strausman (Radcliffe) share a noble vision of aiding humanity through their groundbreaking research into immortality.

But Victor's experiments go too far, and his obsession has horrifying consequences. Only Igor can bring his friend back from the brink of madness and save him from his monstrous creation.

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Did you know?

Rather than don a wig or grow his hair long (which would've taken too long), Daniel Radcliffe wore hair extensions for his role as Igor. Because of this choice, he had to suffer the look and wear them as his own hair throughout filming.

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Igor Lorelei Rafferty Victor Frankenstein Barnaby Nathaniel / Prometheus Baron Bomine Inspector Turpin Alistair Older Nun Orderly Surgeon Sexy Society Girl Housekeeper Finnegan Frankenstein Chief Inspector Huntsman Dettweiler Prometheus 
Daniel Radcliffe Jessica Brown Findlay Bronson Webb James McAvoy Daniel Mays Spencer Wilding Robin Pearce Andrew Scott Callum Turner Di Botcher Eve Ponsonby Will Keen Louise Brealey Nicola Sloane Freddie Fox Charles Dance Alistair Petrie Neil Bell Mark Gatiss Guillaume Delaunay
Director co-producer executive producer producer executive producer
Paul McGuigan Mairi Bett Derek Dauchy John Davis Ira Shuman
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